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Performance Enhancing Feedback Level 1 - SoCo Technical Training Pkg (026338)

The Premium Package includes:
6 chapter videos
6 chapter tests**
6 downloadable PDFs*
6 downloadable Audio files*
3 downloadable Role-Play exercises with assessments*
30 min. one-on-one Skype session with the instructor

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Learn the significance of Performance Feedback and master the skills of delivering and receiving feedback, leading your team to more effective communication, increased productivity, and superior results.

What you’ll gain
 Develop confidence in your ability to prepare and communicate effective Feedback to your employees, your peers, and your supervisor
 How to graciously receive Feedback from others with openness and cooperation
 How to customize your Feedback to others for maximum effectiveness
 Learn common communication barriers and how to address them with your team and others
 Foster trusting relationships through compassionate, honest dialogue
 Create a culture where Feedback flows freely in all directions

 A desire to become a better and more effective leader
 No prior knowledge of leadership is required

Providing others with timely, routine, specific, success-oriented performance feedback is critical to the development of your employees and for ensuring work outcomes remain in alignment with company objectives. Feedback is the life of a business. It is not a task you have the luxury of engaging in “only if everything else is done and you have time left over.” It is one of the most important activities a leader can become proficient in and provide daily.

Through feedback:
 Individual contributors are given the direction and guidance they need to become successful employees
 Teams are provided the information required to develop into more effective teams
 Supervisors learn critical information necessary to provide better leadership and facilitate highly effective teams

The impact of an organization-wide, free-flowing performance feedback system is paramount. It is the mortar between the bricks, cementing each to the whole. It is based on the understanding that the success of the individual, the team, and the company are one-in-the-same.

An effective performance feedback mechanism?
Fledgling companies hope for it…
Average companies work at it…
Great companies instill it… expect it… and create opportunities for it, while relying upon feedback to help ensure their success.

About the Instructor
Craig DiVizzio is President of DiVizzio International, an independent training and consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL. DiVizzio International specializes in seminars and motivational speaking designed to sharpen life-enhancing skills and develop individuals both personally and professionally.

Craig’s life work has been as a trainer, speaker, author, teacher, and counselor. He holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling, and is a Certified Financial Planner. Craig also served honorably as a helicopter mechanic/crew chief for the United States Army.

Whether teaching students in a college classroom, blending life skills with financial strategies, focusing leadership and employees to a common purpose, or delivering a keynote speech, Craig’s unique understanding of business and the people that comprise that business allows him to connect with every industry and every level of employee. His honest, direct, and compassionate approach allows him to develop trust quickly and aptly deliver knowledge that is both critical and timely and can be integrated into the business environment immediately.

He distills complex information and delivers it in a very understandable and insightful way.

Craig delivers workshops and speeches on individual topics of interest and is passionate in his belief that achieving happiness requires total integration of both personal and career agendas. He is committed to teaching skills for making permanent changes that translate into measurable results.

Business workshops include:
• Interviewing Skills
• Assertiveness
• Change Management
• Performance Enhancing Feedback
• Cutting Edge Communication

Books include:
• "I Got The Job" Interviewing

Keynote topics include:
• Leadership Development
• Responsibility and Accountability
• Choosing Happiness
• Living with Integrity
• Career Management
  • Chapter 1 - Performance Enhancing Feedback Overview
  • Chapter 1 - Performance Enhancing Feedback Overview Video
  • Chapter 1 - Overview PDF
  • Chapter 1 - Overview Chapter Test
  • Chapter 2 - Delivering Appreciative Feedback
  • Chapter 2 - Delivering Appreciative Feedback Video
  • Chapter 2 - Appreciative Feedback PDF
  • Chapter 2 - Delivering Appreciative Feedback Test
  • Chapter 3 - Delivering Enhancing Feedback
  • Chapter 3 - Delivering Enhancing Feedback Video
  • Chapter 3 - Enhancing Feedback PDF
  • Chapter 3 - Delivering Enhancing Feedback Test
  • Chapter 4 - Delivering Constructive Feedback to Direct Reports
  • Chapter 4 - Delivering Constructive Feedback to Direct Reports Video
  • Chapter 4 - Constructive Feedback to Direct Reports PDF
  • Chapter 4 - Delivering Constructive Feedback to Direct Reports Test
  • Chapter 5 - Delivering Constructive Feedback Across & Upward
  • Chapter 5 - Delivering Constructive Feedback Across & Upward Video
  • Chapter 5 - Constructive Feedback Across & Upward PDF
  • Chapter 5 - Delivering Constructive Feedback Across & Upward Test
  • Chapter 6 - Receiving Feedback
  • Chapter 6 - Receiving Feedback Video
  • Chapter 6 - Receiving Feedback PDF
  • Chapter 6 - Receiving Feedback Test
  • Assignments
  • Constructive Feedback to Direct Reports - Role-Play Assignment
  • Constructive Feedback Across and Upward - Role-play Assignment
  • Receiving Constructive Feedback - Role-play Assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever