Interviewing Skills

I Got The Job! (010669)

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3 Hours of expert instruction broken into bit-sized chapters
16 Worksheets to practice and prepare

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If you want to stand out—and I mean really stand out— and ACE your next job interview, you’ve found the right course! Standing out from the competition at the job interview is how you get selected and get to work.

In these times, there is more competition than ever, but your competition doesn’t have the information you’ll have after you complete this course. You’ll know how to impress the interviewers and get hired while your competition is merely answering questions. You’ll have the advantage in every area!

What you’ll gain
 Deliver memorable opening and closing statements
 Own your first and final impressions
 Be the master of the information. You’ll have your own agenda and accomplish it.
 Use power phrases and magic words
 Address every one of your must-say items
 Captivate interviewers with engaging, informative answers. Since you designed them ahead of time, no question will trip you up!
 Use your carefully organized portfolio to help you accurately articulate your answers
 Sell yourself over and over again, without sounding boastful or pushy
 Avoid common missteps

 A desire to deliver the best interview performance of your life
 No prior knowledge of interviewing is required

In my career, I’ve conducted thousands of job interviews, and I know what works and what doesn’t work. This is the information I’ve used to teach people how to deliver the best job interview performance of their lives for both internal and external interviews. This is the information that has them calling me to say, “I got the job!” Now, I want to teach you. I want to hear you say, “I got the job!”

Make no mistake; this system is not some hocus pocus magic. It is a logical, practical, common-sense approach for those who are serious about interviewing well. The system requires work, but you’ll find it rewarding when you see the difference it makes. Fortunately for you, most job candidates—your competition—don’t put in much work before an interview. They stop working when they send out the resume because they think their experience and reputation will speak for them in the job interview. When you complete this course and do the work, you’ll find that separating yourself from the competition is easy. I know the system works, and I know it will work for you!

When you make a real effort to excel in a job interview, you are investing in yourself and in your future. That investment will change what you do, whom you do it with and for, and how you provide for yourself and your family. And that’s a big deal!

When you follow my interviewing system, you’ll start by creating an opening statement that is anything but ordinary. Your opening statement will prime your interviewer(s) to anticipate great things from you. Did you realize that a great opening statement is your best tool for turning your interview into your new job? You need a great opening statement and much more, but don’t worry. This course covers it all.

After your opening statement, you’ll be ready for any interview question they can throw at you because you already designed great answers. You’ll be prepared to discuss everything you offer a prospective company. You’ll be ready for behavioral questions, experience questions, and hypotheticals. You’ll even wow them when they ask the dreaded weakness questions!

Are you faced with a complete career overhaul? Learn how to sell your transferable skills, even if you’re overqualified.

Facing some non-traditional settings? This course covers that too. You’ll be ready for phone interviews, virtual interviews, and job fair interviews.

I want to hear you say, “Hey, Craig! I Got the Job!” If you’re ready to land a job that can change your life, click Get this course now. I promise you won’t regret it!
  • Preview
  • I Got The Job Interviewing Mastery Preview Video sample
  • Preface: "Hey Craig, I Got The Job!"
  • P1: Overview
  • P2: Who Has The Advantage
  • P3: How to Handle Competition
  • Chapter 1: Before the Interview
  • 1: Before The Interview
  • 1.1: Recording Interview Preparation
  • Recording Evaluation Worksheet
  • 1.2: Typical Steps
  • 1.3: References
  • References Worksheet
  • 1.4: What to Prepare
  • 1.5: What Interviewers Look For
  • 1.6: The No-Questions Interview
  • Interview With No Questions Worksheet
  • 1.7: Highlight Commonalities
  • 1.8: Must-Say Items
  • Chapter 2: Convincing the Interviewer
  • 2: Convincing The Interviewer
  • 2.1: Selling Yourself
  • Selling Yourself Worksheet
  • 2.2: Separating Yourself from the Competition
  • Separate Yourself From Your Competition Worksheet
  • 2.3: Using Power Phrases
  • Power Phrases Worksheet
  • 2.4: Speaking with Certainty
  • Chapter 3: Answering Critical Questions
  • 3: Answering Critical Questions
  • 3.1: The Opening Statement
  • Opening Statement Worksheet
  • 3.2: 20-Second Opening
  • 20-Second Opening Statement Worksheet
  • 3.3: Why Should I Hire You?
  • Why Should I Hire You Worksheet
  • 3.4: Why Do You Want This Job?
  • Why Do You Want This Job Worksheet
  • 3.5: The Closing Statement
  • Closing Statement Worksheet
  • 3.6: 20-Second Closing
  • 20-Second Closing Statement Worksheet
  • 3.7: Behavioral Answers
  • 3.8: The STAR Method
  • Behavioral Answer Using STAR Method Worksheet
  • 3.9: Behavioral Categories and Trigger Words
  • 3.10: The Weakness Questions
  • Weakness Answer Worksheet
  • Chapter 4: Perfecting Your Answers
  • 4: Perfecting Your Answers
  • 4.1: Designing Great Answers
  • 4.2: Avoid Sounding Scripted
  • Chapter 5: Last-Minute Matters
  • 5: Last-Minute Matters
  • 5.1: The Last Few Hours
  • 5.2: Arriving And Exiting
  • 5.3: First Impressions
  • 5.4: Meeting The Greeter
  • Chapter 6: During The Interview
  • 6: During The Interview
  • 6.1: Using Names
  • 6.2: Eye Contact
  • 6.3: How To Sit
  • 6.4: Comfortably Saying I
  • 6.5: Managing Your Nerves
  • 6.6: Avoid Awkward Silences
  • 6.7: Between Questions
  • 6.8: Buying Time
  • 6.9: Your Portfolio
  • 6.10: Presentations
  • 6.11: Questions To Ask Interviewers
  • Chapter 7: Special Situations
  • 7: Special Situations
  • 7.1: Selling Transferable Skills
  • Selling Transferable Skills Worksheet
  • 7.2: Overcoming Over-Qualification
  • Overcoming Being Overqualified Worksheet
  • Chapter 8: After The Interview
  • 8: After The Interview
  • 8.1: Rejecting A Job Offer
  • Chapter 9: Types Of Interviews
  • 9: Types Of Interviews
  • 9.1: Internal And External
  • 9.2 Virtual Interviews
  • 9.3: Phone Interviews
  • 9.4: Job Fair Interviews
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed